Why hire a personal trainer?

It is tax time again. If you haven’t started doing your taxes or sent them out to get someone else to do them you are running out of time.




Years ago I did my own taxes. It wasn’t too too hard. It was slightly more difficult than I originally thought, but I got through it. This was before the days of being able to file your taxes online and nice soft wear programs that take most of the math and other work out of the equation. I did it the old fashion way on paper!

Many people now a days choose to do their own taxes and with software and the internet it can make the process a lot easier.

The same thing goes for their fitness program. Many people choose to develop their own program and with the help of the internet. It can makes things a lot easier, or at least seem easier and more cost efficient.

I learned many years ago that for the best results I take my taxes to a professional accountant. It may cost me a bit of money up front but in the long run it is a lot better. It saves me time that I can use to do other projects and it can save me money at least get me more money back than I would normally get because my accountant knows a lot more about the stuff than I do. My Accountant keeps up to date on new tax laws and regulations. He is also there if my wife or I ever get audited by the government, which is exactly what happened a few years ago.

When it comes to keeping up with what is new in the fitness industry. This goes double for personal trainers, or at least it should. Trainers need to keep up on what is happening in the fitness industry and what new science is coming out, the newest training protocols and should be able to distinguish between what is a fad or fly by night promise and what will actually work for their clients. Anyone can yell at someone to exercise  doesn’t mean you can be a trainer.If you are looking to pick up a personal trainer read my post on trainers and their certifications here http://robdickson.net/?p=54



I’m a smart guy, but if I need someone to do my taxes I go to a professional Accountant, I get a certified technician to service my furnace and I take my car to a mechanic. Could I figure out how to do my taxes, clean my furnace and fix my car on my own? Probably, especially with the internet but I leave it to the professionals. When in any doubt get your training routine and exercise form assessed by a professional.

If i have learned anything form reading business books over the yeas is that time is money.


And you can always earn more money but it it harder to have more time.

The time I can save by going to a professional, especially if something is not the norm or something goes wrong can be a huge savings.

When it comes to trainers, they are the professionals. If you are a beginner it is especially good to get a trainer so you can get constant feedback on how you are doing the exercise. You need to have correct form and work around any limitations and or injuries you have.

Having someone there one on one that can give you constant feedback and make necessary corrections is a lot more valuable than watching youtube videos and trying to keep with the moves. It it really hard to get that feedback from a magazine article or a video.

The programs from magazines and the internet are OK, very generic but if you don’t currently at least it will give you a jumping off point. But before you get too far ahead of your self you need to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. Is your back straight? are you breathing? Are your feet or hands in the correct position. Is your body travailing in the best moment path? Are you doing the exercise the correct speed and getting a full range of motion? If you are not doing things correctly the chances of hurting yourself skyrocket.

Just like my taxes, there are a lot of things to take into account when you are working out. It is good to have that expert there with you to make sure you don’t get hurt and that you maximize your time in the gym. There is no point in spending time in the gym doing the same thing over and over again if you are not seeing results and making improvements.

Programs form the internet may be a little better. If you at least get to consult with someone regarding your goals, limitations, injuries, like and dislikes and someone develops your program around that, it is at least better then a generic program, but still has faults. I usually only recommend internet based programs only if you are in continual contact with your trainer, and you are an advanced exerciser.

Even if you use a personal trainer like a doctor or a dentist, go for regular check ups just to make sure everything is working well in your program. But don’t be afraid to make extra appointments if things aren’t working well or your not seeing the results you want. Look at getting a personal trainer as an investment. Allow the professionals do what they are trained to do.


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