Getting Certified as a Trainer or Instructor

Hi Everyone, 

I don’t have fitness tip this week but I do have exciting news on other projects I have been working on. 

I have written a few posts on hiring certified personal trainers and making sure that the instructors in your fitness class are certified. Check one article out here

Well at the gym I manage we are offering certifications courses now. If you are Interested in getting certified as a fitness instructor or just interested in learning more about the fitness industry you can sign up for one of these courses. 

There is an exercise theory course on September 19th. In this course you learn some anatomy, physiology, nutrition, basic principles of training and program design. 

After you take the exercise theory course you have the ability to expand into other areas of fitness. Maybe you want to teach spin classes, or boot camp classes or work with special populations like older adults. Well take the exercise theory to get the base knowledge and then you can expand and take those courses in those streams. 

All the courses we are running are through the Provincial Fitness of Alberta. You can check them out here.

That way you can teach people about how to exercise properly so they don’t end up in one of the gym fail videos on Youtube

The best part of the whole thing is we have Jessica Power Cyr teaching the courses. Jessica is a guru in the fitness industry and a leading industry educator. 

You may also see other industry leaders teaching on these courses (Wink, Wink). 

To register or check out more information about the course check out Jessica’s website

 If you have any questions check out any of the websites mentioned above or drop me a line.


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